How Durable Are Outdoor Wood Chairs?

Outdoor wood chairs are a popular choice for many homeowners. Their natural appearance makes it easy for them to blend with whatever décor you choose. Wood is a fairly durable material for furniture. However, most species are susceptible to the elements if used for outdoor furniture. Proper maintenance helps to sustain the fine appearance of wood chairs. It also adds to their longevity.

Caring for Outdoor Wood Chairs

Rain and temperature fluctuations have some of the worst effects on outdoor wood furniture. If left unprotected outside during rains, moisture can initiate rot. It is best to store chairs indoors or cover them if left outside. Temperature fluctuations cause wood to split and warp over time. Aluminum, wrought iron and resin chairs stand up better to the elements. These materials are also bug resistant and rot resistant. Frequent maintenance of wood chairs adds to their durability. It is best to apply a protective coat over your wood chairs periodically. Such applications may include paint, stains or varnish. They protect the wood from premature damage. You also need to oil the chairs frequently to prevent dryness and discoloration by the sun. The choice of wood also impacts durability. Some wood species, such as cedar and teak, have a higher resistance to bugs, rot and weather damage. Pressure treated timber also has a higher durability.