How Effective Is Waterproofing Stucco?

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Stucco is a popular choice for covering exterior walls, which makes waterproofing stucco a necessity. Stucco is commonly used over concrete walls and can easily be painted any color. Stucco is water resistant by design, but any crack or imperfection in stucco could allow water in, which means that stucco is not waterproof. There are several methods that one can use to waterproof stucco, all of which have their benefits and drawbacks. The most reliable option for waterproofing stucco is to use a waterproof barrier behind the stucco and then apply a waterproof paint or sealant over the stucco. Here are some methods to waterproof the stucco and keep water out of your house.

Waterproof Paint

man touching up paint on a stucco wall

One method that could be used to waterproof stucco is simply applying waterproof paint. This method is by far the easiest, but can be the least reliable as well. If any paint chips or becomes damaged, then the waterproofing qualities of the paint and stucco have been compromised.

Step 1 - Clean the Stucco

You need to clean the stucco first with a soap and water mixture to remove all dirt and debris.

Step 2 - Paint Stucco

All you need to do is apply the waterproof paint directly onto the dry and clean stucco and allow to air dry.


You can also use a clear sealant to waterproof your stucco. You can apply the sealant over dried paint or directly onto the stucco. A separate sealant is more reliable as a waterproofing method than simply waterproof paint.

You can apply a clear waterproof sealant in the same manner as you would apply paint. Simply paint the sealant onto the stucco and allow it to air dry.

Waterproof Barrier

man creating a stucco wall

A great way to add waterproofing to stucco is to waterproof before you apply the stucco. By using a waterproof barrier between the home and stucco, you add an additional layer of waterproof protection.

Step 1 - Clean Base Wall

You need to begin with a clean surface. Wipe the surface with a towel or broom to make sure all dirt and debris are removed.

Step 2 - Roll out Barrier

Waterproof barriers come in small rolls that have a plastic backing that covers the adhesive surface of the barrier. It is best to work with one roll at a time. Start with your first roll and unroll the barrier with the plastic facing upward. Remove the plastic cover from the back of the barrier, exposing the adhesive surface of the barrier.

Step 3 - Apply Barrier

Now pick up the barrier and flip the adhesive surface toward the wall and apply. Smooth over the barrier to make sure the entire roll has been pressed against the wall and has created a secure adhesion. You can repeat this process until the entire wall has been covered with the waterproof barrier.

Step 4 -Add Stucco

Once the barrier has been fully applied, you can apply your stucco directly on top of the barrier.