How Efficient Are Electric Hydronic Baseboard Heaters?

Electronic hydronic baseboard heaters.

Electronic hydronic baseboard heaters are unobtrusive and efficient. These systems are self-contained, with the liquid already inside the unit. Therefore, there is no need for complicated plumbing or costly maintenance. Also, the new technology implemented in these heaters allows you to save money overtime, while keeping your family comfortable and warm.

How They Work

Hydronic heaters work by heating a liquid which is often, but not always, water. Cool air is taken in at the base of the heater, passing over the warmed liquid, and then the heated air is released through vents at the top. A major advantage when using this type of heater is that the heating liquid is always kept at a safe temperature, reducing the risk of heat-induced damage.

Space Efficient and Cost-effective

Electronic baseboard heaters are also space savers; instead of housing large, noisy oil or gas furnaces in your home, you can have smaller and quieter hydronic heaters assigned to individual rooms. This means that the temperature in each room can be controlled individually which gives you more control over heating costs and ensures that everyone in the house stays warm according to their preference without skyrocketing heating bills.