How Expensive Is Gravel for a Rock Driveway?

Gravel can be a very economical choice for a rock driveway. It comes in a selection of grades and types to suit varying budgets. Road base, pea gravel, fines and crushed basalt are a few types of gravel that is available. Not only is gravel affordable, but it can be easily laid by a novice, saving extra costs on labor.

Road Base

Road base is the least expensive gravel. At around $35.00 a cubic yard, a long rock driveway can be done for under a few hundred dollars. Road base is gray in color.

Pea Gravel

Pea gravel can be found for about $40.00 a cubic yard. It comes in a variety of colors. Each stone is small and round, just like a pea.


Fines are around $55 a cubic yard. Chipped stone-like in appearance and available in a few colors, fines are a popular choice for gravel driveways.

Crushed Basalt

Crushed basalt is in the higher end of gravel. For around $60 a cubic yard, it's worth paying that little bit extra. The end result is expensive looking, and your driveway will surely be noticed by passersby.


Consider using road base as an underlay and then fines or crushed basalt over the top. This will save a large amount of money if your budget is minimal.