How Flue Liners Affect Chimney Draft

The size of the flue in regard to its proportion and material used affects chimney draft. It is therefore important to get the correct dimensions when building a new chimney or repairing flue lining. Read on to learn more about how the liner you use in your flue can affect draft coming from a chimney.


To have an efficient upward chimney draft, it is advisable to construct a properly sized flue. This is beneficial as it facilitates proper movement of air, gas and smoke from the flue. In this case, they are pulled upwards and outwards.

Dimensions and Considerations

When installing flue liners in a chimney, make sure that the available space after the job or repair is small enough to cause effective draft. For maximum effect, it should also be large enough comfortably accommodate the maximum amount of smoke, gas and air from the furnace or chimney.

Health Benefits

The advantage of an efficient chimney draft is that all gaseous matter from the chimney available as waste is effectively disposed of. This is important as a health consideration. Carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide are common gaseous wastes after combustion. Breathing in high amounts of these gases can cause illness.

Cost Effects

If the flue liner interferes with the chimney draft, it can bring about damages to the flue. The reason is that such dimensions make it possible for water to condense or freeze in the flue. When this happens over a long period of time, the flue can develop cracks. This can be an extra cost to the flue as a result of repair or the need to construct a new one.