How How add a Magnetic Latch to Your Cabinet Glass

What You'll Need
Self-adhesive cabinet latches
Cleaning cloth
Glass cleaner

A cabinet glass can be made more secure by adding a magnetic latch. Most magnetic latches that you purchase can be bought with a self adhesive backing, making them easy to install. The process for installing a magnetic latch to your cabinet glass involves buying a supply of magnetic latches, cleaning the glass and affixing them to the cabinet glass.

Here is a more complete step-by-step guide to affixing magnetic latches to your cabinet glass. No tools should be required to install magnetic latches to the cabinet glass.

Step 1: Purchase Magnetic Glass Latches

Go to a home improvement center to purchase self-adhesive glass latch sets. The sets should include a self-adhesive metal piece that will attach to the glass and a magnetic mechanism that attaches to the cabinet frame. The piece that attaches to the cabinet frame should also be self-adhesive for easier installation.

Step 2: Plan Installation of the Magnetic Latches

Mark on each of the cabinets with glass doors where you want to attach the self-adhesive magnetic latches. Use a pencil to make a small mark to indicate where the latch and latch lock will be located. Do this for each cabinet where you will be attaching magnetic latches.

Step 3: Attach the Magnetic Latch Locks to the Cabinets

Wipe the cabinet surface that you plan to attach the magnetic latch lock. This will remove any dust and dirt and ensure that the adhesive will stick properly. Attach the magnetic latch locks (the piece with the protruding magnetic prongs) to the cabinet frame. Position the latch locks as close to center as possible in order to ensure that it is in its proper place. Press on the mechanism to adhere it to the cabinet surface.

Step 4: Clean Glass

Remove dust and debris from the cabinet glass surface. Use glass cleaner and a cloth to wipe the glass and clean it completely. Use another cloth to dry the glass before applying the magnetic latch metal piece.

Step 5: Attach the Metal Latch Piece to the Glass

The best way to attach the metal piece to the glass is to attach it to the magnetic latch lock first. This will ensure that the two pieces match up. Remove the adhesive back from the magnetic latch piece and carefully close the glass door. Apply a small amount of pressure at the point where the 2 pieces meet for a few seconds. Wait about a minute and carefully pull the cabinet glass door open. The two pieces should separate when pulled and remain intact on their respective surfaces. Open and close the cabinet glass several times to ensure that the adhesive is working and the cabinet door is locking securely when closed. Moderate pressure should easily separate the cabinet glass door.

Repeat this process for each cabinet glass door and clean the glass again with glass cleaner after you complete the installation process.