How Hydraulic Door Closers Work

Hydraulic door closers are devices that are installed at the top of the door and its frame. A hydraulic door closer helps close a door automatically.

Uses of Hydraulic Door Closer

Hydraulic door closers are mainly used in commercial and office buildings, and utilize hydraulic based mechanism to automatically close the door. These door closers come in a number of different styles, but all work in the same exact way. For installation of the hydraulic door closer, you will require the door closer equipment, sealed tube, spring, fluid, and some basic handy tools. This article explains how the hydraulic door closer works. These devices are really effective if they are installed in the right manner.

Working of the Hydraulic Door Closers

The hydraulic door closer is simple and easy to work with. One end of the hydraulic door closer is attached to the door, and the other end is attached to the door frame. When the door is opened, the hydraulic door closer pulls the door and closes it rather than slamming the door. This happens because the closer has a sealed tube which contains a spring, so that the closer can work properly like how it is supposed to work. It includes a fluid-filled chamber which releases the pressure to close the door in a slow manner rather than banging it. Moreover, the door closer even helps in improving the energy efficiency, in case of any unexpected accident such as fire.

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