How Long Do Orchid Blooms Typically Last?

They only come once a year and are enjoyed for as long as possible before they go dormant, but how long do orchid flowers actually last? The simple answer is that it depends on the variety. The complicated answer is that it also depends on the climate and care of the plant.  

Common Gardeners

With minimal care, most orchids purchased at the grocery store or garden center will bloom for up to 6 weeks. This is typical for orchids that are kept primarily indoors. However, when given proper fertilizer and water, they may last up to 12 weeks and bloom again within the next year.  

For the More Experienced Caregiver

For some gardeners who have invested much time and care with their orchids, flowers have been known to bloom for up to 4 months or even longer, depending on the season. Developing a regimented fertilizer routine as well as experimenting with the best location in your garden can ensure that orchid blooms will last longer than just a few weeks per year.

Also, by using a greenhouse to grow your orchids, it may actually allow them to flower year-round while new buds reproduce and germinate consistently.