How Long Does a Self-leveling Compound Take to Dry?

self leveling compound wet on concrete

A self leveling compound is a chemical mixture used to smooth uneven concrete or wooden floors. It is ideal for filling dips in wooden floors or for smoothing concrete ones.

The drying time for self-leveling compound varies greatly from one package to the next. The easiest way to check this time would be to look at the installation instructions that accompanied the self-leveling compound. On average, you might have to wait anywhere from one to six hours for the compound to cure. You must give it ample time to dry completely so that it lays flat and remains strong. To speed up drying time and avoid any possible problems, consider some of the tips below.

Leave It Overnight

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If you have the chance, just let the self-leveling compound sit overnight. That way you won't have to constantly check if it is dry or not, and the time will seemingly pass a lot faster.

Avoid Moisture

Try to let everything dry in an area that isn't too moist. Humidity will make the process take longer. Obviously you can't control the weather, but try to keep as much moisture out of the area as possible.

Use Fans

Don't blow a fan directly on the self-leveling compound, but you should use one in the room for air circulation. A clean ceiling fan will work fine, as will a fan that sits above the ground. Set it on low or medium speed.

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