How Long Will a CLF Ballast Typically Last?

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A CFL ballast is the most essential part of a CFL. A CFL refers to a Compact Fluorescent Light or a Compact Fluorescent Lamp which is a different type of light source that is meant to replace an incandescent light bulb.

The Advantage

The advantage of using this type instead of the traditional incandescent light is that it uses one-fifth to one-third of the electrical power used by a comparable incandescent light source, hence saving you money on energy cost. There are three types of CFL lights: the Self-ballasted, Adapter kits, and new fixtures. On these three types, all of them use a CFL ballast. This is like the brain of the unit which controls the amount of current. The ballast is what a CFL unit relies on for power and all one has to do when the bulb is not producing enough light or is already worn is to just replace them with a new one without having to replace the ballast.

The Life Span of a CFL Ballast

The question is how often do you replace these ballasts? And how long does it last under typical usage? It varies depending on the amount of usage and circumstances. If one uses it for about ten or more hours a day, the lifespan will be shorter than those being used for less than that amount of time. CFL ballasts will typically last for about 40,000 astounding hours, still depending on the use. However extensive this usage might be, a CFL ballast life span will still normally be 5 to 15 times longer than other incandescent bulbs out there.