How Many Coats of Deck Sealer to Put on Your Deck

A deck being sealed.
  • 6-12 hours
  • Beginner
  • 55-400

If you are constructing or rebuilding your deck, always apply deck sealer because it will extend your deck’s service life and add to its exquisiteness. Deck sealer will prevent water from leaking through the wood, avoiding fading and mildew. Applying deck sealer should be a usual part of your deck maintenance since it is very simple to apply and not time-consuming at all.

Water Test

Perform the water test to find out whether the deck needs further sealing. Shake over a small quantity of water on decks top. If the water infuses in, your deck requires sealing, but if it beads, the water does not need further sealing at all. You should perform the water test at least every spring.

Clean the Deck

Make use of sandpaper and wire brush to get rid of stubborn dirt. Use a brightener and deck cleaner for older decks. Take note that your deck can be discolored or faded from the weather or sun exposure, and the deck sealer will adhere better if the deck is clean enough. After a thorough cleaning, allow it to dry for two or three days.

Deck Sealer Application

Ensure that your working area is well-ventilated because deck sealers need to quick-dry and you need to dry it for three to five more days.

Remember to stir the sealer, but never shake because bubbles may form once you apply it. Dispense the deck sealer in a roller pan. Make use of a roller to apply among larger areas starting from the back frame. Never saturate the roller and it is even better to apply only two light coats than a heavy one or even more than two coatings because the quality output is affected and bubbles may occur. Employ a rag or brush to apply among small areas. Allow the deck sealer to dry for 24 hours prior to reapplication or using the deck.