How Many Fire Extinguishers Does My Home Need?

Three Fire Extinguishers

Every home needs at least one fire extinguisher, and most should have at least two or three. The number of fire extinguishers that you should have in your home depends on a couple of things: the size of your home and if your home is a multi-level home or not.

Where Fire Extinguishers Are Needed

If you don’t have another fire extinguisher in the house, then make sure that the one you have is in the kitchen (or very close to it). Most home fires occur in the kitchen, and quick access to a fire extinguisher usually spells the difference between a messy clean up and the loss of a home.

Besides the kitchen, you should have a fire extinguisher next to the front and rear exits of the house. In addition, placing a fire extinguisher in the main hallway is always a good idea, as it is usually centrally located in the house and can be reached easily from most points in the house. Also if your house has a second or third story, make sure that you place at least one fire extinguisher on each floor.

When choosing a fire extinguisher, always get a dry chemical fire extinguisher rather than a water-based extinguisher. Dry chemical extinguishers are more effective in smothering fires, and are safe to use with small electrical or grease fires. Never use water-based fire extinguishers for these types of fires. Water only creates more problems with grease or electrical fires.