How Many Lumens Per Watt Does an Induction Lighting Emit?

An induction light is not new among the different light bulbs that are available for consumers today. What makes an induction light such a great option for people is the great money-saving characteristics that are inherent with it. Not only does the induction light save you money in energy costs, but its very construction saves you money in replacement costs. Induction lights are best used in places where it is dangerous, or costly, to replace them. 

Basic Induction Light Construction

An induction light operates on the basis of electro-magnetic principles along with gas discharge that produces the light. This means that there are no electrodes or filaments included with the induction light. These lights have been rated to last at least 100,000 hours or up to 25 years. While this does not mean that the light will retain its overall brightness over the years, it will still have at least 60 percent leading up to its lifetime. With this technology it is not uncommon for a 200-watt bulb to burn as bright as a 500-watt fluorescent bulb. Typically, the highest rated induction light bulbs will give off approximately 120 lumens per watt. With this type of brightness, you can use less lighting and still have adequate coverage.