How Much Does Freon for a Heat Pump Cost?

Each year, each homeowner has to contend with the rising Freon heat pump cost. I’m sure that you there are instances that you simply wish that your heat pump could operate without the use of Freon. Well, it can but you’ll have to suffer through the heat as Freon plays a crucial role in your heat pump.


Freon is basically the commercial name that DuPont has for the substance dichlorodifluoromethane. The substance is also known as R-11, R-12 and R-22. Freon is basically functions as a refrigerant in most air-conditioning units. It was believed in the past that Freon was toxic and can cause chronic harm to those who inhaled it. However, these claims have been debunked by scientists and Freon was redubbed as a non-toxic substance although, as kind of CFC, Freon contributes to the ozone layer depletion.


Freon or R-22 can cost from around $35 to $44 lb.although this differs in each location. An average heat pump’s compressor can accommodate 4 lb. Freon in each charging. Having the Freon charged to your heat pump can increase the costs because you’ll have to pay for labor although you can easily charge the Freon yourself.   

    Symptoms of Low Freon Levels

    When it comes to knowing if the Freon level of your heat pump is going down, you can always rely on these universal symptoms: low flow out of the registers and the temperature of circulating air being considerable mild rather than cool. Although this could indicate that you’re running out of Freon, the reason behind this could be that there is a small leak. If so, have a technician look at your heat pump.

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