Estimating the Cost of Your Motorcycle Engine Rebuild

Motorcycle engine
  • 10-200 hours
  • Advanced
  • 1,500-5,000

The cost to have a motorcycle engine rebuilt varies depending on the type, model, make, and age of the motorcycle. The cost for this type of repair also depends on the usual or customary costs for these repairs for the area you reside in, the cost of replacement parts needed for the rebuild, the cost of labor, and more. Here are a few of the top factors for figuring out how much your rebuild will cost you.

Estimating Costs

Costs for a motorcycle engine rebuild can range from $3,000-7,000. The cost estimate on the lower end may or may not include the cost of replacement parts that are needed for the motorcycle engine's rebuild. The cost estimate on the higher end may include this cost, but neither estimate includes the cost of labor.

Differences in Labor Costs

Labor costs will vary from different regions of the country. Labor costs that range between $30-75 per hour may add an additional $300-1,500 in cost to the rebuild of your motorcycle engine. Therefore, you may want to consider rebuilding your own engine to save money.

Services Included in an Engine Rebuild

man repairing his motorcycle

The types of services associated with a motorcycle rebuild include any or all of the following repairs:

Camshaft repair or replacement

Replacement of the oil pump

Installation of new rod bearings

Installation of new crank and connecting rod hardware

Replacement of the main bearings

Hardware for the crankcase and engine to cradle mount

Replacement of the head fasteners

Replacement of guides, valves, and springs

Replacement of the rocker arms

Replacement of the ignition points

Replacement of the cam chain

Replacement of the spark plugs

Resetting the ignition timing

This list is not an exhaustive list of the services required to rebuild a motorcycle engine, but it includes some of the most common ones. This list also shows how various parts are needed depending on what needs to be done for your own motorcycle engine repair, therefore explaining the wide gap in the provided estimate prior to a mechanic looking at your engine.

Determining the Best Approach

When determining how to best approach the rebuild of a motorcycle engine, cost is likely one of the biggest factors. While you can do it yourself, it should be noted that completing an engine repair is more difficult than other motorcycle maintenance like repairing its frame, and it is not something a casual or occasional hobbyist should attempt without training.