How Much Weight Can a Golf Cart Hold?

The amount of weight that you can expect a golf cart to carry depends very much upon its size and make. Most golf carts are designed so that you can easily fit a standard golf bag onto the cart, and carry it around. The right kind of cart for your bag depends upon what you will be using the golf cart for, and how much effort you are prepared to put in to it.

Push Golf Carts

Carts which are not mechanized, but are operated by person power can naturally carry a lot less weight than an electronic device. In addition, you will have to remember that you will be pulling or pushing the cart yourself, and any weight will be transferred in part to your arms. You should also bear in mind that the cart itself will be weighty, perhaps as much as 13 pounds. This will of course reduce the amount your cart can carry.

Electric Golf Carts

Powered golf carts require a lot less effort by the user, and can therefore be loaded up with more weight. Purchasing a golf cart buggy, or one which can carry passengers, will allow you to put a lot more weight onto the cart, including yourself, although you should take care not to add too much weight, as this may make the cart unstable.