How Much will It Cost to Replace a Bathroom Sink?

If you are looking to update your bathroom, then you may be wondering about how much it would cost to replace bathroom sink parts. These can be sometimes very costly, with the average price of an entire bathroom sink unit, including cabinet, faucet and taps, and the sink itself running into hundreds of dollars. If you are thinking about replacing your bathroom sink alone, then there are still costs to be calculated.

Cost of Furniture

The biggest cost is the price of the bathroom sink itself. You may also want to replace the taps and the faucet, particularly if they are part of the sink itself. You may consider purchasing a second-hand sink, as these can sometimes be updated into fashionable items, and would cost a lot less than a new sink would.

Cost of Labor

Part of the cost of replacing bathroom sink parts is the price of labor. You will probably need a lot of help to get rid of all the parts of the sink, and install the new one, unless you are very handy (and even then, you may still need an extra pair of hands). Expect to pay around $150 for labor on your bathroom sink replacement.