How Not to Tile a Ceiling: 5 Common Mistakes

Though you can definitely tile a ceiling on your own, it is a project that requires planning, research, and patience. When one or more of these are missing, it often leads to one of the 5 most common mistakes associated with DIY, ceiling-tile projects.

5 Common Mistakes

Not planning your ceiling’s layout

Sketch the layout of your tiles on paper before beginning your project to ensure the measurements are correct and you have the necessary supplies.

Not checking codes

Many localities have minimum floor-to-ceiling heights for basements, as well as requirements for the amount of space between light fixtures and the original ceiling.

Creating a sloping ceiling

If you measure the ceiling line from a sloping floor, you'll end with a sloped ceiling.

Damaging tiles during installation

Ceiling tiles are fragile; handle with care.

Neglecting electrical work

Make sure all electrical work necessary for your ceiling lights is done before you install the tiles.