How Often Is it Necessary to Empty a Swimming Pool and Refill?

It is recommended to empty a swimming pool and refill it only when absolutely necessary and only when repairs or maintenance can not be accomplished by other means. Draining the water from your swimming pool can have unwanted consequences unless you are well-acquainted with each step to accomplish this. There are also different considerations depending on the type of pool you have. 

Inground Pools

These often have a vinyl liner that needs extra caution. Ground water can often seep between the liner and the dirt walls of the dug-out pool area. There is a risk of older inground pools collapsing if drained, since the vinyl liner is not designed to hold back the weight of the earth without equalized pressure from the swimming pool water.

Aboveground Pools

The liner of this type of pool may also shrink after draining and then possibly crack or tear when refilling. For this reason, only drain an aboveground pool in warmer weather and complete your repairs as quickly as possible. The less time between draining and refilling, the smaller the chances are of damaging the liner. Once you begin refilling the pool, you will need to keep checking and adjusting the liner to be sure it is aligned properly.