How Often Should the Fuel Filter Be Changed in Biodiesel Cars?

Brand new biodiesel cars will not suffer from clogged fuel filters but older cars of one year or more will start to see a marked deterioration in performance if the filter does get clogged. Diesel of all kinds will deposit waxes and grit in the tank which will come through the filter and cause clogs.


If your bio-diesel car begins losing power when you press the accelerator, you can be sure this is a sign that the filter is either becoming blocked or is already blocked. The filter will definitely need changing at this point.

Time Limit

While there is no specific time limit on when you should change your filter, it is highly recommended that you do not let it get to a stage where the car comes to a total stop because of clogs. If you have the know-how you could carry a spare filter with you and change it mid journey if you notice signs of problems.


Follow the recommended service advice of your own particular vehicles’ manual and change the filter as per their instructions. The average fuel filter time change for bio-diesel cars is four to six months after the first full year of use of the new car.