How Old Can Your English Antique Furniture be?

In America, some English antique furniture can be as young as 25 years old, but usually the minimum age is 35 to 50 years. English antique furniture dates back to the Tudor period, around 1485. Below is a guide to the periods of English antique furniture up to 1952. Earlier English antique furniture was influenced by designs from the Gothic and Renaissance periods (12th to 17th Century), moving through to Baroque, Art Nouveau, and Art Deco, included in this is the Revival period in the Victorian age, where previous designs were copied.

English Antique Periods

  • House of Tudor: King Henry VII, King Henry VIII, King Edward VI, Queen Mary I: 1485 to 1603
  • Elizabethan and Tudor: Queen Elizabeth I: 1558 to 1600
  • Jacobean: Queen Elizabeth I, King James I: 1600 to 1620
  • Carolean: King James I, King Charles I: 1620 to 1640
  • Cromwellian: King Charles I: 1640 to 1660 
  • Restoration: King Charles II, King James II: 1660 to 1688 
  • William & Mary: King William II, Queen Mary II, King William III: 1688 to 1700
  • Queen Anne: William III, Queen Mary II, Queen Anne: 1702 to 1714
  • Georgian: King George I, King George II, King George III: 1714 to 1780
  • Regency: King George III, King George IV, King William IV: 1780 to 1837
  • William IV: King William IV: 1830 to 1837
  • Victorian: Queen Victoria: 1837 to 1901
  • Edwardian: King Edward VII: 1901 to 1910
  • House of Windsor: King George V, King Edward VIII, King George VI: 1910 to 1952