How Swinging Electric Gate Operators Work

electric gate at the end of a driveway
  • 1 hours
  • Beginner
  • 250-8,000

Electric gate operators are devices which make a gate work automatically and enable you to open and close them without manual operation.

These gate operators work for both swing gates and the sliding gates.

An electric gate opener makes the gate open and close when receiving an electric impulse created by a remote control, a keypad, or a sensor device that is mounted in the driveway.

black electric gate

The operator opens the gate by swinging it inwards and keeps it open for some time to allow traffic. Then it closes the gate by swinging back to the original position.

The operator is connected to a gate opening arm, which forces the gate to swing in the proper direction.

The brain of this system is a control box mounted near the gate hinge on the gate post. The control box receives the radio signals and instructs the operators to function accordingly.

The control box draws power from a battery which has to be changed periodically. Solar panels can also be used as the energy source.