How to Achieve Efficient Energy Use with Your Aging Car

Although new cars are constantly being improved to provide more efficient energy use, older cars were not developed with these advantages in mind, meaning that they are rather notorious gas-guzzlers. For those concerned with saving energy, or those committed to turning green, their aging car can prevent them from achieving completely efficient energy usage. There are a number of things that can be done to save energy, even when using a car.

Swap Models

For the most dedicated energy saver, the only solution to using a car is to buy a green or hybrid model. These cars, however, are very expensive, and they are not yet widely available, so it may not be the most practical solution for those looking to drive in a green, efficient energy saving way.

Instead, here are some things that can be done to help an older car use fuel more efficiently.


Take care not to put too much in the car: the more weight the car has to carry, the greater the amount of energy it needs to carry you from A to B. While sometimes a heavy load just can't be helped, try to avoid making over-loading the car a regular occurrence.

Air Conditioning

Avoid using the air-conditioning when driving your car. A popular urban myth claims that using the air conditioning with the windows up is more fuel efficient than driving with the windows down and the AC off, but this has been shown to be nonsense. Roll down your windows on hot days, and wrap up warm in the cold, for more efficient energy use.

Drive Carefully

Aggressive and angry driving, including speeding, and hard braking, can cause the car to burn up more energy per mile than calmer driving: using cruise control on major roads will help the driver to keep a constant speed, and help save gas.

Combine Trips

When using the car, try and complete as many tasks as possible. Short trips which require the car to be started up again from cold, use twice as much energy as driving between distances when the car is already warm. Be more fuel efficient and try and cover the places that you want to go in one trip.

Take Care of the Car

General maintenance of the car can save you money, and help you to put your car to more efficient energy use. Properly inflated tires can actually cut fuel use, as the car has to struggle more to burn fuel to cover the same distance. You will also cause more wear on the tires, meaning that they need to be replaced sooner (which is neither environmentally or wallet-friendly). Make sure that the car's air and oil filters are cleaned regularly, and don't miss annual maintenance check-ups. Cars that are well maintained will drive better, and help you to save on fuel, too.

Even older cars can be managed so that they have a more efficient energy usage. Drivers should always make sure that their car is well-maintained, no matter what kind of car they drive: older cars with cleaner pipes and filters will also put out fewer toxic fumes, making them more environmentally friendly, as well as energy efficient.