How to Acid Wash Cement

What You'll Need
Muriatic acid
Safety goggles
Protective clothing
Pressure washer

Using an acid wash on concrete could be valuable in a number of different situations. This is done before staining cement or it can also be done to help remove stains from the cement surface. Here are the basics of how to acid wash a cement floor.

Step 1—Clean the Cement

Before you get started, it is important to do a light cleaning first. Take your broom and dustpan and use it to sweep up any dust or dirt on the surface of the cement. Make sure the area is clean of any debris or dirt.

Step 2—Protect Yourself

Before getting started, make sure that you put your protective gear on. Wear safety goggles on and gloves because dealing with acid can be very dangerous.

Step 3—Apply the Acid

Once the cement is clean, you can apply the acid to it. Poor out acid over the entire surface of the cement and let it soak in. Read the manufacturer's directions to make sure that you use the proper amount for the job.

Step 4—Wash it Off

Take a pressure washer and then use it to wash off the acid. Spray down the cement thoroughly and eliminate any acid on the surface.