How to Add a Cold Air Intake to Your Car

a Cold Air Intake
  • 2-4 hours
  • Beginner
  • 65-150
What You'll Need
New air intake
Air filter
Hose clamps
Bit driver and bits

It is quite simple to add a cold air intake to your vehicle, and does not take long to do. Adding a cold air intake to your car will give you more mileage with your fuel and more horsepower. In time the cold air intake will pay for itself. What is does is send cool air to the internal components of your car engine rather than warm air.

Step 1 - Getting Ready For Installation

First thing to do is gather all your materials and set them near your work area. Make sure before you do anything to the vehicle that the engine is cool. Next you will want to unplug the battery in the car first doing the (black) negative terminal, then (red) positive battery terminal. Always make sure to unplug the battery before doing any type of work.

Step 2 – Removing the Stock Air Intake

You will need to remove three things for this step. Most likely you will have to remove an air sensor or two; these give information to the vehicles computer. Make sure you handle these very carefully. First you need to remove the old air filter. Remove the plastic filter housing. Next, remove the tubes that run from the housing box to the opening of the engine bay. Some of these might be attached with hose clamps, which are metal ring that are round. Turn the metal pieces on the end to loosen it. Make sure you do not throw away the stock intake until you are positive the new air intake works properly. After you know the new intake is working correctly, discard the old stock intake properly.

Step 3 – Installing the New Cold Air Intake

Now attach the new intake, you might need to go beneath the car to complete this step. Next you will need to replace sensors that were removed from the old one into the new air intake. Be careful when replacing the sensors. Now that the new air intake is installed, you need to put a new air filter with some hose clamps on the end. Your next step is to make sure there is no play on the new air intake. If any objects on the engine bay are getting hit then you need to tighten the mounts until it is in secure. If the intake has no play then you have one more step to complete installation. In reverse terminal order, plug in the battery. Now you vehicle should be ready to drive.

Step 4 – Clean Up

Now that you know your new intake works properly you can discard of the old one. Pick up any materials that you used and left over packaging so as to make sure nobody gets hurt.