How to Add Decorative Trim to a Flush Door

What You'll Need
Pine Trim Molding
2-inch Finish Nails
Nail Gun
Air Compressor
Miter Saw
Tape Measure
Wood Putty
Sander with 200 grit sandpaper
Stain and Brushes

When you have a room where there is a flush door that is hard to see, you will want to add some panels or trim to the door as a decorative element and a way to distinguish where the door is. This is a relatively easy process that requires some basic power tools and a little bit of time. Any DIY enthusiast can perform this improvement within just a few hours. Here are the steps you need to take to add trim to your door.

Step 1: Remove Door from Hinges

Using a screwdriver, pop out the hinge pins that hold the door in place. Once it is removed, take the door to a safe working area where you have easy access to all your tools.

Step 2: Measure Door for Molding

Measure the sides of the door including the top and the bottom sides. This will give you the measurements that you need to purchase your trim molding. Look for pine molding that is around 1 1/2 inch wide. 

Step 3: Cut Molding

To cut the molding you will be using a miter saw. If you have not used a saw before you should spend some time practicing with it in order to make sure you can cut out 45 degree angles. Once you have worked out how to cut these angles, you can begin cutting the molding. Cut the two lengths of the trim pieces first. Cut the 45 degree cuts in the top and bottom of each one. Then cut the top and bottom pieces for the door with 45 degree angles on each side. 

Step 4: Lay Out on Door

Take the trim molding and place it on the door in the way that you are going to be attaching them. They should all fit snugly. If not, you can touch up some of the angles with wood putty. 

Step 5: Nail Trim to Door

Start at one side of the door and lay it flat on the door. Lift the nail gun, with 2" finish nails loaded into it and position it on the trim. Nail in a finish nail one every 12 inches. Do this with each piece of trim until you have gone all the way around the door. 

Step 6: Fill in Holes

To give your trim work a finished look, you will need to fill in the nail holes with wood putty. You can easily do this with a little dab on your finger. Press the putty into place so it fills the hole completely. Sand off the excess putty once it dries for a flush, finished appearance.

Step 7: Stain 

Once everything is finished off you can stain the trim in whatever type of stain your choose. A contract of lighter trim with a darker stain on the door will create a great panel look to the door.

Step 8: Put Door Back

When the door dries you can then place it back on the hinges. Hold the door up to the hinge brackets and drop the pin in to secure it. Give a few taps of a hammer and the pins will be all the way down.