How to Add Lace Trim to Curtains (pt 2 of 2)

What You'll Need
Curtains or sheers in desired length
Lace trim
Sewing shears
Sewing needle
Thread to match lace trim
Sewing machine (optional)
Tape measure
Dressmakers chalk
Straight pins
Fabric glue (optional)

Adding lace trim to curtains is an easy and economical way to improve their appearance. This is a project that anyone with a basic knowledge of sewing techniques can accomplish. Adding lace trim will change the overall look of a window and the room, itself.

Step 1: Attaching the Trim

After using your sharpest shears to cut the lace trim to the proper length, you will need to pin it to the edge of the curtains. Do this by placing the trim on the curtain’s edge, upside down. This means that the right sides should touch each other and the top edge of the trim should be even with the bottom edge of the curtain panel. Use straight pins to secure the trim in place every few inches, being certain that the trim and curtains line up properly. Fold the trim under at the ends to form a neat edge.

Step 2: If Using a Ruffled Trim

If you are using a straight lace trim to create a ruffled effect, you will attach the trim by hand sewing, or basting into place after it is gathered. Use a loosened tension on your sewing machine to sew across the edge of the trim, then sew again just below the first line of stitching. Then pull on the bobbin threads (which will be located on the bottom side of the trim) and pull the lace trim in the opposite direction, carefully gathering the trim along the stitching. When you have done this, you will need to adjust the trim along the stitching to the desired length. Then continue as described above, pinning the trim to the fabric of the curtain panel. Hand sew into place using long stitches, and continue to the step outlined below.

Step 3: Sewing the Trim

Use a straight stitch on your sewing machine to sew the lace trim into place. Be sure to use a sharp needle, as a dull worn out needle will catch on the lace and can tear it. Place the curtain's edge with the trim pinned to it under the presser foot of the machine. Lower the presser foot and slowly sew a straight seam at the edge of the trim. Backstitch, or sew in a backwards direction, at both ends to prevent the seam from unraveling. If you used a ruffled, or gathered, technique you should now remove the excess machine and hand basting threads. Then fold the trim down into place and press with your iron. Sew again, using a straight stitch, as close to the upper edge of the trim as possible, remembering to keep the seam perfectly straight and even.

Alternative Sewing Method

You can sew the lace trim into place without first sewing it upside down. To give a more frilly appearance, simply attach following the above steps, except that you will attach with the right side of the fabric behind the wrong side of the trim, right side up. Then sew just inside the top edge of the lace trim. Use a straight machine stitch and be sure to backstitch at the ends.