How to Add Metal Edging

What You'll Need
Aluminum edging, four inch
Shovel or pick
Tin snips
Edging stakes (compatible to your edging design)
Rubber mallet
Chalk line
Protective gloves

Metal edging is available in two different types, steel edging and aluminum edging. Steel edging is very stiff and is only good for straight-edge work. Aluminum edging is pliable and able to be used on curves. Choose the appropriate material for your edging project. Adding the edging to your flower bed or garden is an easy project that only requires some digging and placement.

Step 1: Mark it Out

Mark the area that you will be adding the edging with the chalk line. You can also use a string and two stakes to keep it straight. If there are curved areas, you will need to mark them separately.

Step 2: Trench Digging

You will need to dig a trench that is about 4 inches deep. The trench needs to extend for the full length of the edging project. This is such a shallow trench that a shovel or pick will do the job easily. Keep the trench as even as possible.

Step 3: Install

Installing the metal edging is not difficult. It will come in sections so that you can add just as much or little as you need at a time. If you are setting curves, attach a few more pieces than if you are working across a straight line. Install the stakes in the prebuilt stake holes. They will be spaced every 2 to 3 feet along the length of the edging. Use the hammer to pound the stakes in, making sure that they are on the inside edge of the flower bed or garden. You can use the rubber mallet to even out the edging along the surface.

Step 4: Trimming

It will most likely be necessary to trim at least one piece of the edging. The tin snips will work great for this.  You can also use the tin snips to help you take the curves and hill angles. Cut about 2 inches through the edging from the bottom about every 5 inches. This will allow the edging to curve up or down with the hill.

Step 5: Backfilling the Edging with Soil

Use the shovel to backfill the trenched area. You will want about ½ inch of edging to remain above the soil. Tamp down the dirt with the shovel to get all of the air pockets out.  You can walk along the edge or use a tamper device to make the soil compact against the edging.

Metal edging is a wonderful way to keep the line between the lawn and the flowerbed clear. It will help to keep the grass from trying to take over your flower or garden area. It also serves as a clear indicator of the border. The basic instructions will apply to most any type of edging with some variety for style and design. Remember to choose the right material and tools for the job.