How to Add More Padding to Your Kneeling Chiar

What You'll Need
Straight pins
Upholstery nails or tacks
Wood screws
Fabric marking pen or pencil
Tack hammer
Staple gun
Sewing machine

If you have a slightly worn or used kneeling chair, you can spruce it up and make it more comfortable by adding additional padding both to the seat and the knee rest. Follow these steps to easily add more foam where you need it and upholster your work. 

    Step 1: Remove Old Material or Padding

    If you want extra padding on the chair, it is better to take out the old padding and replace it with new thicker padding. If you attempt to build up the existing padding, the result could be both messy and unsightly. 

    Unscrew the seat and the knee rest and remove them from the chair frame. Remove the tacks or staples that secure the current padding with a screwdriver and a pair of pliers. Do this carefully because of the material that you remove can be used to create patterns from the new fabric. You may also be able to reuse the foam or the cotton from the existing padding.

    If the existing padding is glued on, tear it off and scrape whatever remains to get a clean surface.

      Step 2: Prepare the New Seats

      Lay the boards for the seat and the knee rest on top of the foam (the foam can be of the thickness and the hardness that suits you best).  Mark out the dimensions for the padding taking care to leave a margin of around ¼-inch all around.

      Cut out the foam using a pair of scissors. Center the board on the foam and glue them together firmly with strong adhesive.  You may choose to use a light cotton padding or layer on top of the foam in which case this additional layer should be lightly attached so that it does not become lumpy. 

        Step 3: Prepare the Fabric Covering

        Using the old seat covers as a pattern, cut out the new seat covers from the fabric taking care to leave a margin of about ¼-inch all around.  Make sure that you have enough of an allowance if the new padding is thicker than the old.

          Step 4: Attach the Fabric Covering

          The easiest way to attach the fabric to the padded board that you have prepared is to use a staple gun.  Start from the back of the board and staple the fabric at the center.  Pulling gently to keep the fabric taut and prevent wrinkles, staple at the same point at the front of the board.

          Repeat the process at the sides and for the corners pull the material over the corner and staple while preventing wrinkles from forming.

          Once you have finished the corners, you can work your way with your staple gun starting from the corners and finishing at the center

            If you are dissatisfied with the result or have made a mistake, there is no need to panic.  Simply pull him out the staples and start all over again. All you have to do now is to reattach the seat and the knee rest to the chair frame and you have a kneeling chair tailor-made for your personal comfort.