How to Add More Weight to Roof Truss Systems


Adding more weight to a wood truss system can easily increase the amount of weight that the entire roof can hold. Even though most structural engineers claim that each specific truss is manufactured to only hold a set amount of weight, adding some sister joists and braces can dramatically increase the load that the trusses can handle.

Tools and Materials You’ll Use:

  • Tape measure
  • Power saw
  • Lumber matching the size of the existing trusses
  • Truss mounting bracket
  • Hammer
  • Nails

Step 1: Measure the Existing Truss System

Begin by measuring the length of the existing trusses and cut pieces of new lumber to size. Place the new trusses into place, directly next to the existing trusses, and secure to the framing beams with mounting brackets. These sister trusses can be placed on either side of the existing truss, or for even greater weight increases they can be placed on both sides.

Step 2: Install Braces

Measure the inside of one truss to the adjoining one and cut a piece of lumber to size. Place these braces in between the trusses, running perpendicular to them, and attach them with mounting brackets. These braces need to be placed at least every two feet, so depending upon the length of the trusses, a number of braces will have to be placed accordingly.