How to Add Refrigerant to an Air Conditioning Compressor

What You'll Need
General Tools
Protective Gear
Freon Kit

It is possible to add refrigerant yourself to your air conditioning compressor. It is vital to know what you are doing when taking on this project, as precise amounts and technique is required to prevent injuries and damage to your unit.

Step 1 – Attach Freon Kit

The kit will contain freon and two valves. The larger valve is the service valve and the smaller valve is the tap valve. Both valves will attach to your air compressor unit valves. Be certain to read the manufacturer instructions for proper attachment and guidelines to ensure you are properly utilizing the contents of the kit.

Step 2 – Turn on Unit

Once the kit is attached to your air conditioning unit, you need to set the unit to pull the freon. You can do this by turning it on to the highest possible level.

Step 3 – Add Refrigerant

Once the unit is running, attach the refrigerant to the two valves you connected to the compressor. Be sure to follow all instructions that were included with the kit to ensure your safety and prevent damage to your unit. Once the freon has been taken in by the unit, you can turn off you air conditioner and detach the valves.