How To Add Toy Storage Boxes

How to add toy storage boxes to your child’s bed or playroom is dependent upon what your personal needs may be. It can also be dependent upon the needs of your child. Adding one or more toy storage boxes will be determined by the size and shape you want the box to be. The choices are many, whether you build it yourself or purchase a completely built or ready-to-assemble kit. If you decide to create one of your own and wish to make it a permanent feature of the room, keep in mind that it may one day need to cease being a toy storage box.

Built In

Adding a toy storage box as a window seat or a long bench can make a beautiful and useful addition to your child’s bedroom or playroom. If you wish to permanently attach the toy storage unit to the wall or floor, you will need to first build a 2 by 4 frame that fits the desired area. The back frame board needs to be secured to the wall, specifically to a wall stud or a ledger board attached to the wall or floor, which the frame can then be installed on. Plywood will serve as all sides. It's a good idea to attach bench lids that are no wider than two feet, so if installing a long wall bench to act as a toy storage unit, design it to accept several different lids.

You can also compartmentalize a long wall toy storage unit by placing interior frame boards, where you can install additional side walls. Either attach cushions by using a tie at the back around the upper frame board or purchase several matching throw-type cushions to adorn the entire seating length. Keep in mind that if you permanently attach a toy storage container today, it may need to be an "anything" storage container when your child is grown and the room use changes. If you plan to decorate the permanent toy storage box, it may need refurbishing or refinishing at a later date to remove any childhood decorations or designs.

Window Seat

A window seat toy storage box can have multiple purposes, either as a functional room accent or as a place to store all your child’s toys. The window seat would be constructed similar to the one described above. The unit can be permanently attached to the wall and floor. Its design can be simple, yet compliment the room décor. Allowing for the seat cushion to be exchangeable can provide you the opportunity to style it for your child while in the growing years, and change it out later on to meet different needs.

Match the Furniture

Another choice for adding a toy storage box to your child’s bed or playroom could be a foot locker piece of furniture, which sits at the foot of a bed or can be placed on casters or wheels for increased mobility.

Toy storage boxes can be found in many furniture styles to match what you already own.