How to Adjust a Bathtub Drain Linkage

Improper bathtub drain linkage setting is often the cause of many bathtub draining issues. Fortunately, adjusting your bathtub drain linkage is simple and fast.

Materials Needed


Step 1-Remove the drain overflow faceplate

The first step is to remove the drain overflow faceplate using a screwdriver.

Step 2-Pull the Faceplate Out Slowly

As you pull the faceplate out slowly the linkage follows. Notice that at the end of the linkage is a tube with a hole at the top, this is called the bell.

Step 3-Determine the State of your Drain Linkage

Determine if your linkage needs replacement before proceeding with the adjustment. If the linkage is rusty replace it with a new one.

Step 4-Lower the Linkage

Lower the linkage slowly until the bell is just directly above the drain outlet. This is the ideal position of the bell so that it can block the tub drain as you pull the lever. Make sure not to position the bell way above the drain outlet.

Step 5-Reinstall the Faceplate

The last step is to reinstall the drain overflow faceplate in the same manner that you removed it.

You have just learned how to adjust your bathtub drain linkage! Pull the lever and check if the drain linkage is in its proper height. If pulling the lever blocks the water from exiting into the drain then you have adjusted the drain linkage properly.