How to Adjust a Door Closer for a Garage Door

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To adjust a door closer to a garage entry door, you will definitely need some patience. Most of the implements can be adjusted by just opening and closing the hydraulic valves. However, you may be required to do some turning and rotating of screws.

Testing the Door Closer

Remove the door opener and check if the garage door really needs any adjusting. This will be an easy step to perform, as the garage door openers can be disconnected very easily.

Positioning the Door

You then need to place the door in such a situation that it is half-open. You would require a platform to support the weight of the door. Check if the door is leveled, and increase or decrease to the necessary tension level required. If not, then you would have to start making real adjustments by following the steps mentioned below.

Opening the Door

Open the door completely, so that the springs are free from all the tension. This will help in making the task easy for you. You can then use some pliers to lock the door into place and make sure that it is completely locked.

Disconnecting the Lifting Cable

Disconnect the lifting cable, and you would be able to see a number of similar holes. In order to adjust the tension of the garage door, you need to move the cable to one of those holes. If you want to increase the tension of the door, then move it closer to the door and vice versa.

Remove Door Stops

Remove the stops of the door. Raise or lower the doors, as required and if it is still not leveled, then just adjust one of its sides. Once that side is leveled, you can start adjusting the other side too.

Keep leveling it, until the door operates the way you want it to. Also, keep in mind that if you are not sure how to adjust the garage door closer, don't take any unnecessary risks, hire the services of a professional.