How To Adjust A Go-Kart Clutch

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  • 4-8 hours
  • Intermediate
  • $80
What You'll Need
Go-kart clutch
Allen key wrench

Having a go-kart is a fun experience. Part of that experience might include adding gears, throttles, and clutches, which can be a learning experience in itself. For example, if you are intending to drive your go-kart for a race or discover issues with the system, you might find yourself needing to adjust the clutch in order to get the best from your machine. Getting the clutch right is one of the most difficult parts of operating a precision machine at optimal performance. If you need to make adjustments to the clutch, follow the directions below.

Remove the Clutch

Before you start adjusting the clutch, remove it from the brake and check the pieces for signs of damage or other problems. One of the main problems with go-kart clutches is their tendency to stick or lock during drives. If you have just adjusted your clutch so that you are driving more quickly, and a fault causes the clutch to lock suddenly, you may find yourself in an accident, or at least spinning out of the race. Ensure that all the parts inside your clutch are well-greased and able to move freely once back in position. You can then continue to adjust the clutch.

Get More Slip

Go kart racing around the track

If the clutch is not slipping enough when you move out of a turn, you can lose time adjusting the car to the clutch. One way to fix this is to alter the clutch so that it allows you more slipping. Turn the clutch with a wrench so that the oil plugs face 12 and 6 o'clock. You should then remove the plug which is next to 12. Insert an Allen key into the sleeve nut; then turn the engine until you can see this screw. Adjust it by turning clockwise. Turn all the other screws the same amount. Replace the plug and test out your adjustment on the track.

Get Less Slipping

If you find that you have now over-adjusted the clutch, stop the car as soon as you can, and use the Allen key to turn the screws counterclockwise to slightly shy of their original starting place.

You should then test the go-kart again to see whether the slippage is now the correct amount. If you are still having trouble, stop the go-kart again and use the Allen key to turn the screws slightly more toward their starting point. You should now be all right to drive without excessive slippage.

Repeat this action if you are experiencing too much slippage without having altered the clutch, but you will be turning the screws slightly counterclockwise from their starting position. Always test your go-kart after altering the clutch but before you attempt to race it, so that you are in no danger of having an accident.