How to Adjust a Hinge Pin Door Closer

A close up on a door handle.
What You'll Need
New hinge pin

The hinge pin door closer is a unique hinge slightly larger than other hinges. It is used by people in place of hideous commercial door closers. Hinge pin door closers are quite easy to install. However, these door closers require regular maintenance from time to time.

Step 1 - Remove Hinge

The first step while adjusting the hinge pin door closer is the removal of the old hinge if required. With the help of a screwdriver or a drill, remove the screws from the door and remove the hinges.

Step 2 - Install

You then need to install the new hinge pin, where the old hinge pin was placed and insert the new screws. Make sure that the screw pattern is almost the same as the screws used in the old hinge pin.

Step 3 - Adjust

With the help of the adjustment bar, insert it in the hole which is right at the top of the hinge pin and turn it away from the door. Then insert the stop pin in the hole as well which is closest to the door too, and repeat the process for the bottom of the hinge pin. Make the proper adjustments.

Step 4 - Test

Lastly, do not forget to test the hinge pin door closer. Open the door and allow the new hinge pin door closer to shut the door. If the door is closing too hard, then adjust the pressure by decreasing it and vice versa.

By following these steps you can adjust your old hinge pin door closer or install a new one.