How to Adjust a Sliding Screen Door

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  • 1 hours
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What You'll Need
Terrycloth towel
Lubrication grease

When you install a sliding screen door you may find that the door is wobbly, does not properly slide, or is even getting stuck. This usually happens because the slider is not affixed at the proper height. Many people that have a sliding screen door installed don't realize that they can be adjusted. Recognizing when your slide door needs adjustment and being able to make those changes correctly is important to the longevity of the sliding screen door as well as its proper movement. Thankfully, adjusting a slider isn't that hard and this article will show you how to do just that.

Step 1 - Diagnose the Problem

Because there can potentially be any number of other problems associated with poor sliding motion, it can be difficult to immediately determine if adjusting the slider's installation position is actually the best solution. Slide the sliding screen door open and closed. While you do this examine the wheels and the track carefully. If there are spaces or breaks in the rolling then you will have to adjust the sliding screen door height. A dirty track can cause some of the problems associated with poor movement and an improper height. Clean the track (both top and bottom) with a terrycloth towel and then squirt some lubrication grease on the track and on the wheels. Try opening and closing the door again to look for the same issues as before. If they persist then you will need to adjust the sliding screen door.

Step 2 - Find the Adjusting Screws

In order to change the height of the screen door you need to loosen and tighten screws. The trick is finding the adjusting screws. On most models you'll be able to find the adjusting screws on the wheel assembly. If the screws are easily seen then you can move on to the next step. There is typically one screw on each side of the wheel assembly. If you have a top wheel assembly you do not have to worry about adjusting those. Some wheel assemblies have some sort of cover which is easily removed by prying it away from the sliding screen door frame.

Step 3 - Adjusting the Sliding Screen Door

Adjusting the height of a sliding screen door is often a trial and error process. Once you have found or gained access to the adjustable screws on the wheel assembly you can then begin the process of adjusting the sliding screen door's height. Locate the first screw on the sliding screen door wheel assembly. Use the screwdriver to adjust this first screw. Turning the screw clockwise will cause the sliding screen door to become higher as the wheels lower. Turning the screw counterclockwise raises the wheels on the sliding screen door. The sliding screen door lowers which makes it possible for you to remove the sliding screen door. Each sliding screen door typically works on 2 wheels with each having their own adjustable screw. Once the one side is adjusted you can adjust the wheel on the other side.