How to Adjust a Sprinkler Valve

Adjusting a sprinkler valve in your sprinkler system is essential for maximizing the sprinkler system’s efficiency. When valves are on the correct setting, they help to save money and conserve water.

Common problems with a sprinkler valve can include those that one or more valves have stopped working or the spray coverage is not sufficient for the amount of area you want to cover. Below are some steps to correct these problems. These adjustments do not require any tools.

Valves Have Stopped Working

Step 1 – Determine the Problem

Sprinkler systems have multiple valves so you must determine which one is having the issue.

Step 2 – Adjust to a Lower Setting

Once you have determined which valve, adjust the control on the valve to a low setting by turning a knob on top of the valve. Turn it to the right to close the valve more and lower the setting. If you are still experiencing problems with the valve, open and close the valve a few times.

Adjust the Spray Coverage

Step 1 – Find the Zone Valve

Turn the sprinkler on and observe the direction and spray coverage to find the zone valve and corresponding sprinkler head for the area where you want to cover.

Step 2 – Adjust the Sprinkler Head

You can adjust the rotation of the sprinkler head via a knob on top of the head. Turn the sprinkler back on to check for the correct setting.

Step 3 – Adjust the Sprinkler Valve

To control the amount of water sprayed by the sprinkler head, adjust the valve turning to the left for less spray or to the right for more spray.