How to Adjust a Vehicle's Shift Cables

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If your vehicle is not hitting the correct gear when you shift, you might have to adjust your shift cables. If you check the cable on both ends of the line on the engine and at the stick shift and the cable is not broken, you can fix them with an adjustment. If your cable is not broken and you are having issues shifting into the correct gear, you will want to adjust your cables.

Step 1 - Put the Shifter into Neutral

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Put the shifter into a neutral position. Once it is in neutral gear you will then go and check the position of your shifting arm on the transmission. Double check and make sure the stick is in a neutral position so that it is easier to line up the engine side of your cable.

Step 2 - Check the Connection on the Engine

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Check the shift cable where it attaches to the transmission shifter arm. Use your wrenches to place tension or remove tension on the cable until it forces the shifter on the engine block into neutral as well. Then tighten the locking screws to keep the cable sleeve from moving in the future.