How to Adjust a Window Sash

What You'll Need
Silicone spray
Rubber Mallet
Utility knife
Weather stripping

A window sash that is not properly adjusted can make opening and closing the window a chore at best. In some cases, window sashes that are too loose or too tight could make using the windows impossible. So, this short guide will show you how to adjust the window sash.

Step 1 - Lubricate Friction Channels

If your window sash is too tight, try using some silicone spray to lubricate them. WD-40 is an excellent choice and will allow your windows to open and close much easier and with less resistance.

Step 2 - Cover the Gaps

If your old window sash is loose or has gaps, purchase a weather stripping kit and install it. This will help to close the gaps, keep air in/out of the home and create a tighter fit for your window sash. If you are not sure if which kit to buy, take a picture of your window and take it with you to the hardware store. A member of the staff you should be able to help you out.

Step 3 - Opening Sashes Closed by Paint

If you have recently repainted your home, the window sashes may have been painted. If they were, dried paint can make it impossible to open or close your windows. Therefore, you should take a utility knife and score the edges of the window sash where it meets the top pane frame of the window. Slowly score the edges so that the paint no longer serves as glue to keep your windows closed.