How to Adjust a Wood Lathe Tool Rest

What You'll Need
Wood Lathe
Wood Stock

The wood lathe tool rest is one of the most important parts of your lathe. With the tool rest you have a lot of control over the way the tool cuts into the wood and the depth of the cut. Without this your wood turning will not be as smooth and crisp, or with detailed edges and grooves. Adjusting the wood lathe tool rest is a basic operation. 

Step 1: Adjust Band-Jo

The tool rest is mounted on top of what is called the band-jo. This device moves in and out for adjusting the space between the rest and the wood stock. Move this until the rest is almost touching the wood stock. This provides great control over the tool as you cut into the wood stock.

Step 2: Adjust Tool Rest Height

Once the band-jo is adjusted, you will then need to move the tool rest. There is a small knob that is loosened to allow you to move the rest up and down. Set the rest so that it is just below the center point of the wood stock. As such, the center of the tool rest should be in the center of the stock. This adjustment is completed with the lathe chuck.