How to Adjust Bifold Closet Door Hardware

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  • 2-4 hours
  • Beginner
  • 1-40
What You'll Need
Electric drill

If your bifold closet doors are not shutting correctly and are too high off the floor or too low and if brackets are loose then learning how to adjust your bifold closet door hardware is essential. Anything can happen to your bifold doors that can cause bifold closet door hardware to come off track. The most common problems associated with bifold closet doors are that they are not centered correctly, the tracks have come loose or the side gaps are too great. With minor tools and a little time, you can adjust the bifold closet door hardware yourself easily.

Height Adjustment

Sometimes you will begin to notice that your bifold doors are sagging. They are no longer standing straight up and that be frustrating to open. The bifold closet door hardware for this fix is located at the top and the bottom of the bifold closet doors. This hardware uses bolts and screws to adjust the height. Open the bifold doors slightly and the hardware is where the doors hinge. Locate the bolt positioned at the bottom and extend it in order to lower the bifold door or retract it to make the door higher. Some doors will have nuts attached to the bolts so that the height can be locked in place. Adjust these as needed to maintain the height.

Square the Door

If the bifold closet door is not square it will simply appear uneven and make opening and closing it difficult. This takes a little more time and effort than simply adjusting the height. Look at the top of the bifold door and follow the track to where it is secured on the outside edge. This bifold closet door hardware comes in the form of a clip. This clip holds the bolt and is held in place with at least one screw (sometimes two). Loosen these screws and you will be able to move the assembly in either direction along the track. The bottom of the bifold door will also have something similar. Moving this clip will allow you to move the doors closer to the door frame or further away. The bifold doors can also be angled using this clip.

If you look at the bifold door where it slides and takes a closer look at the top corner you will notice a pin. You may have to slide your hand inside the closet and feel around for it. This pin is spring-loaded and pressing the pin will pop that edge of the door off the track. Doing this allows easier access to the other bifold closer door hardware you need in order to square the door.

Anchor the Track

Open the bifold doors and inspect the top and bottom of the track on each side. Use the screwdriver to tighten the screws that are holding the track in place on the floor. If you need more of an anchor then drill pilot through the track and install screws where needed.