How to Adjust Focus on Digital Cameras

What You'll Need
Digital camera
Lots of practice

Digital cameras allow us to take photos and instantly look at them on the screen on the back, the photos can then be uploaded onto our computers and shared with hundreds of people at the click of a button. However there are also many more advanced features that you will need to learn about if you want to use the digital camera to the best of its ability.

It is possible to manually adjust the focus on digital cameras so that you can take lots of different types of photos. Learning how to do this requires patience and lots of practice. Not all digital cameras feature manual focus options, however you can still adjust the focus manually by using focus lock.

Step 1 - Compose Your Shot

First you want to compose your shot so that it looks pleasing to the eye. In photography the rule of thirds will help you to compose a pleasing shot. Look through the viewfinder of the camera or the screen on the back of the camera to take a look at what the picture will look like once it's taken.

Composing a shot might be difficult at first, however over time you will find that this becomes much more like second nature. You really shouldn't have any problem composing attractive shots.

Step 2 - Think About Focus

Now you need to choose the subject of your photo, this is the thing that you want to stand out in front of the background. If you are taking a photo of a person then this will normally be the subject of your photo, however this isn't always the case.

Step 3 - Locking Focus

To lock the focus you need to move the camera and aim it directly at the subject of your photo, don't worry about the composition of the photo at this stage. You need to make sure that the subject is in the centre of the screen. Then you can press the shutter down, but only press it half way. You will hear your cameras focus adjust and it will beep signaling that it's ready. Now you must keep your finger pressed half way on this button.

By keeping the button pressed halfway down you are preventing the camera from focusing again. This locks the focus to whatever it is you want to take a picture of. The subject of your photo will be focused clearly and this will be sharp.

Step 4 - Composition

Once you have locked the focus you then need to move the camera back so that your composition is visible again. Take your time doing this to get it just right. However, make sure that you never take your finger off the shutter.

Step 5 - Taking the Photo

Now all that's left to do is fully depress the shutter button and take the shot. This should create photos with sharp detailed subjects and slightly blurred backgrounds.

Step 6 - Experimenting

Take a look at your photo and decide whether you have achieved the affect you were aiming for. There are many more things that you can do to improve on the technique. Increasing the aperture will help to make the background even more blurred.