How to Adjust Garage Door Close Force

What You'll Need
Step ladder
Wood block

To be sure it is closing as it should, you may need to adjust the garage door close force. This can prevent damage to your garage door and also ensure that the door is completely closed. Here's how you can adjust your garage door close force.

Check Your Door Opening Force

From inside your garage, close your garage door. Check the space under the bottom door edge to be sure it is tight against the floor surface. If, when closing your door, its bottom edge contacts the floor and then reverses direction and raises again, you will need to adjust your close force.

Adjust Your Door Opener Limit Switch

To adjust your door close force, use a step ladder to access your door closer. You may need a flashlight. Find the limit switch and the adjustment screws that will allow you to adjust the position where your door stops when it closes. With a screwdriver, adjust these screws. Test by opening and closing the door.

Test and Adjust the Door Opener's Reverse Feature

To change the down force and the up force of your opener, find the force adjustment knob and turn it to adjust the up force or down force. When you have made your adjustment, test the door by lowering and raising it.