How to Adjust the Height of Fifth Wheel Campers

Fifth wheel campers is a towable and motorized RV and is given its name because it can be hooked to its towing vehicle. Adjusting the height of the fifth wheel camper will have a significant effect on the towing vehicle. Fifth wheel campers that are too high results in swaying, while those whose height is too low adds pressure on the towing vehicle. To prevent these circumstances, here are the steps on how to adjust the height of your fifth wheel camper.

Materials Needed:

  • Fifth wheel camper 
  • Wrench

Step 1 – Locate the Position of the Pin Box

The pin box is the part to be attached to the hitch on the back of the towing truck or vehicle. The pin box itself is on the front of the camper. Remove the bolts that keep the pin box in place using a wrench.

Step 2 – Adjust the Height of the Pin Box

Once you have removed the bolts that keeps that pin box in place, reposition the pin box to the height that is required. Replace the bolts to keep the pin box in place.