How to Adjust the Pressure on an Air Nail Gun

Adjusting the pressure on an air nail gun can help to keep the gun in good condition. If the pressure is consistently too high, this will shorten the life of your nail gun; if it's too low, the air pressure will not be enough to make the gun work. The pressure inside the gun needs to be uneven, in order to power the machine. The trigger causes the pressure to be displaced, causing the nail gun to release or take up a nail.

Adjusting the Air Pressure

Most pneumatic tools such as wrenches, drills or air nail guns operate using an air compressor. This compressor is often bought with the gun in order to ensure that it can put the right amount of pressure into the tool. These machines are linked to the air nail gun via a hose, and then pump air into the tool.

Most air compressors can be bought with a pressure gauge, which will tell the user exactly how much pressure is in the air nail gun. If you're using a used gun, then you may consider a single-stage compressor, which will be better for hand-held guns such as those used in the home.

If you find that you have too much pressure in your gun, making it difficult to put in the nail, you can attach a pressure regulator and then adjust it to provide the correct pressure for the job.