How to Adjust the Set Screw in a Door Knob

If your door knobs turn in your hand without opening the door or rattles on the shaft, chances are your set screw is loose.

Tools and Materials Needed:

  • Set of jeweler's screwdrivers (Philips/Standard)
  • Set of hex keys in the 0.7 to 1.25 range (Sizes in English or SAE, or American ANSI/ASME)
  • Small flashlight or penlight

Step 1 - Locate Your Set Screw

Set screws are located on the door knob handle. Use a small penlight or flashlight to illuminate the doorknob handle since they may be hard to see. Turn the door knob slowly until you see what looks like a small hole or indentation or even a screw in the shaft of the knob. That is your set screw. If there is no screw, take the knob to a hardware store and buy a new screw that fits the set screw hole.

Step 2 - Identify the Type of Set Screw

The set screw may be a standard or Philips screw, or a hex key or torx screw. Identify the type of screw and select the right tightener-hex key or screwdriver.

Step 3 - Tighten the Set Screw

Once you've determined the kind of set screw you have, hold the knob in your hand, push until it meets the door and hold. Tighten the set screw.