How to Adjust the Water Flow Rate in Sprinklers

Sprinkler spraying a well-manicured lawn
What You'll Need

By adjusting the water flow rate in sprinklers you will be able to save thousands of gallons of water every year. Adjusting the water flow rate is an easy task – all you need is a screwdriver.

Step 1 - Adjust the Master Valve

Adjust the master valve of your sprinkler system by turning the flow control clockwise until the stream of water from the nozzle begins to drop. This lowers the water pressure. Turn the flow master valve flow control slowly until the spray pattern reaches its full radius.

Step 2 - Adjust the Station Valves

If adjusting the master valve does not reduce the water pressure of your sprinkler system, adjust the station valves instead. Station valves are located underneath the sprinkler nozzles. Control the flow rate of the station valve by turning the station valve clockwise until it is fully closed. Slowly turn the station valve counter-clockwise and set the water flow rate at the desired and conservative setting.

Step 3 - Adjust the Radius Screw

With a screwdriver, adjust the radius screw located on top of the sprinkler head. Turn the radius screw clockwise to lessen the water flow. Turning the radius screw of your sprinkler will introduce friction to your sprinkler nozzle and reduce the amount of water coming into your sprinkler system.