How to Adjust the Pressure in Your Well Water System

well water
What You'll Need
Working clothes
Working gloves

Several factors affect well water pressure. It important to make adjustments from time to time into to maintain proper pressure. If the pressure goes too high, your pipes may burst. If the pressure is too low, you may not get enough water from the well.

You should make adjustments to reach a balance so that water will flow freely from your well without stressing your pipes. Follow these three simple steps to adjust the pressure of your well water.

Step 1 - Observe Safety

Before you start working on your well, wear protective garments. To prevent an electrical accident, make sure that the circuit breaker attached to the pump is shut off.

Step 2 - Adjust the Pressure Switch

Inside the pressure switch, you should find a large spring and a nut which control the pressure of the well water. To increase the pressure of the water, turn the spring and nut clockwise. To lower the pressure, turn them counterclockwise direction. Do not turn the spring and nut too far in either direction, as doing so will disrupt the flow of water.

Step 3 - Turn the Power On

After adjusting the water pressure, restore power to your water pump.