How To Adjust Your Air Hose Reel

When you install an air hose reel, you may need to make a few adjustments. The angle of hose delivery is your primary concern because it could impact how well and how long the reel works for you.

Tools Required

NOTE: Because of the diversity of hose reels available, the specific tools needed for adjustments will vary considerably. Some units require no tools at all, while other are adjusted with an array of wrenches or screwdrivers. In some cases, a special tool is provided with the reel.

  • Assorted wrenches
  • Assorted screwdrivers

Step 1 - Adjust Floor-Mounted Hose Reels

When you mount air hose reels at floor level, one of the most important factors is the location. Position the reel so you have maximum access, and keep in mind that you may face situations where items are placed between the reel and where the hose is needed. Adjust the straight-line access of the reel to provide maximum reach with minimum stress on the hose reel.

Step 2 - Adjust Wall-Mounted Hose Reels

If you are going to mount a heavy-duty hose reel to the wall, make sure you attach it to at least one stud. A better idea is to place a piece of plywood or 1 x 6 between two studs and attach the reel to that to better distribute the weight and stresses involved. Adjust the reel so you can pull the hose out straight.

Step 3 - Adjust Ceiling Mounts

You may need to adjust ceiling-mounted hose and reel setups for the angle of delivery as well as the speed of retraction. Most mounting brackets have multiple positions available. To adjust the angle, move a screw or bolt to a new setting. As with wall and floor mounts, try to arrange the adjustments so the hose comes straight out of the reel.

Some mounting methods include a suspension method which allows the reel to swivel as needed. For shops which require extensive use of air tools, this type of installation will require less frequent adjustments.

Step 4 - Adjust Hose Retraction Speed

Many hose reels include an adjustment screw or knob that will adjust the hose's automatic retraction speed. Test the rate of retraction and adjust the settings to make them comfortable for your personal use. In most situations, turning the adjustment knob clockwise increases the retraction speed.

Step 5 - Adjust Hose Stops

Many reels come with a hose stop that fits over the hose and prevents it from winding completely into the reel. For ceiling-mounted applications, these stops maintain a minimum protrusion so you can reach the hose from the floor. To adjust this stop, loosen the screws which lock it into place and slide the stop to the desired position, then tighten the screws down again. In some cases, you may need to adjust the retraction speed to prevent the stop from being nudged closer to the end of the hose with repeated use.